Welcome beautiful soul!

My mission is to empower women to be their fullest honest selves, embracing their imperfections and loving themselves unconditionally.

I believe our strength lies in our vulnerability and by embodying our wounds we heal.

When we accept and love ourselves fully and we integrate our pain, we unlock our unique gifts in the world.

Our greatest pain cultivates the courage to become our most authentic selves and build a life we are aligned with, while sharing our gifts with others.

“To become enlightened we must walk through the darkness first.” – Vilina Christoph

My life journey has taken me on a path of deep inner work and healing.

I was struggling with depression and anxiety, I was trying to cope with the death of my mother and sister, and I was living with the post-traumatic effects of the loss.

Being the highly sensitive person that I am I was unable to deal with it all. As an introvert my default reaction was to shut myself away from the world and I isolated myself from family and friends.

Little did I know that would only worsen my conditions and I sunk even further losing any glimpse of meaning, hope or joy.

But I knew I had to claim my life back. I knew I could turn the pain around. I knew the only choice I had was to look right into the eye of the storm.

What came out was understanding, acceptance, compassion and love towards myself and others.

It will be my honor to take you on this path and show you how to walk it with grace and spirit.

 You don’t need to do it all by yourself.

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