Hey, I’m Vilina, I’m thrilled that you’re here!

My journey has taken me on a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I was struggling with depression and despair, and was dealing with grief and bereavement. Anxiety was my companion and worry – my best friend. I couldn’t enjoy any of the gifts life had given me, unable to find joy and contentedness.

I knew I had to claim my life back.

I knew I could turn the pain around and transform it into love.

So I jumped off the cliff of the life I’ve been diligently building for years, knowing I had to face my deepest darkness.

What came out was understanding, compassion and love towards myself and others.

This place is the sanctuary you may be looking for. 

My vision is to offer you support and comfort through your darkest hours. To share a few practical steps and  encourage you towards your re-birth.

I believe pain and adversity are our teachers and we can wisely transform them into love and happiness, and find fulfillment.

I am deeply honoured to have you here! 

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