How do we stay focused?

I wonder if it happens with every project and activity… getting distracted from time to time.

I was happily sitting at home and working on the blog but then I had to go out and do some things “I had to do”.

I’ll be honest with you. I lost my job recently because as being an immigrant in Ireland, no matter that Bulgaria (my home country), is part of the EU, we still have some restrictions on working freely here. I was refused permission to continue working legally. Then I thought I could check with the Social Protection Department but got rejected there as well.

To summarize it, without getting into the details, I had to deal with a number of feelings contrary to what being happy is. It took me off the track I was on for a while. I was finding the comfort of doing what I like and enjoying the days when I don’t have to go to work which is in dissonance with my whole being.

Losing my job was a relief in a way because for years I was doing things I came to hate at the end. I was observing myself, witnessing the process of my “downfall”, and couldn’t believe I feel such lowering feelings towards my job. And that job was consuming my life. So being finished with it is liberating but still I have to ”survive” in this world and provide for myself.

I believe this is a dilemma for many people.

Eventually we come to experience unhappiness in our lives. We could be materially secure but emotionally depressed. We could be spiritually thriving but lacking the connection with the outer world.

So to simply say we could be happy every day is quite naive. Some people are skeptical and need a tangible proof to believe in something. Others think being happy all the time is a bit ridiculous or think people are pretending to be happy and use it as a front to hide something deeper.

I am sure many people are having their doubts and suspicions about the validity of Happiness. We have been living in this pattern of existence for so long. But there is no need to say if this is right or wrong.
This is it and we are here now – with our memories, traumas, experiences and lessons. Sometimes we accept it and let it all flow smoothly. Sometimes we struggle and resist and it turns into a “bumpy ride”. Also being part of the current global picture we realize the lies we’ve been told and the wickedness we’ve been dragged into. We are confused and disoriented but in ourselves we sense what is really true.

I am getting far too off the main theme here but what I want to say is that Happiness is there for us, always.

It is more a state of consciousness than a physical matter. So we have to ask ourselves “How could we maintain it?”, “How could we stay focused on it?”

So I want to question this and through the process be able to recognize each opportunity to simply say:

Thank you for this moment of Happiness.

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I'm Vilina Christoph and I share my journey of healing and transformation. My awakening was triggered by the death of my mother and sister of cancer. When the feelings became too much to handle, I started documenting my experiences of dealing with depression and anxiety, coping with the loss and grief, and the general lack of motivation and joy in life.  Since the beginning of this journey of transformation I've learned compassion, acceptance and love for myself and others. My mission is to encourage others to look into their pain and take on the path of self-love. By accepting who you are with all your imperfections, by loving yourself fully with all your wounds, you find the strength to be your most authentic self and you unlock your unique gifts in the world.

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