Health and Happiness

dreamstimefree_245558Recently health became an issue for me. Mine appeared to be not very stable at the moment. I was diagnosed with Psoriasis – a skin condition related mostly to stress, anxiety, being discontent and all emotional states which affect our inner balance. It expresses deep discomfort and the inability to change things. It is like a volcano which erupts eventually with full rage to release its suppressed power. In my case – my suppressed emotions, negative.

Positive emotions and happiness were not missing at all. I am blessed to experience them every day, although sometimes I forget and give myself as a pray to sadness, despair or powerlessness. Then I lift myself up, brush off the tears and fill myself with gratitude and faith.

I can explain a lot of the feelings I experience every now and then as consequences of my past. Yes, it is past and I know it will eventually fade away and won’t have such a strong influence on me. But I can’t deny it and I accept these moments as necessary to release some of the trauma. And I know when I’m healed I wouldn’t need them anymore.

So either a skin condition or a moment of depression – in fact they mean the same.  They are different expressions of the same thing – an emotional trauma, one that has not been dealt with and healed in a proper way, and suppressed for too long.

I want to make the point here that Health and Happiness are one and the same. Health being the wellness of your physical body and Happiness the wellness of your mentality.

We tend to separate them and even in our birthday wishes we use both in a different meaning. They are interconnected and virtually can’t exist one without the other. And very often when one of them fails the other one breaks too.

I literally noticed how my condition worsened when I fell in this “moment of sadness”. And then the fact that I had this diagnosis really made me sad again. So it is a vicious cycle.

Of course, what we should do is mobilize ourselves and confront the disease. It is an alert to change your perception and attention and also to take care of yourself. These things have to be taken care of. Even though you might need to change your routine and leave your comfort zone. It is repositioning of your focus.

We often forget about how important health is or have the illusion that money can heal anything. But then we realize that being sick is the worst feeling of all, it affects your whole vision towards yourself and the world. Not to mention it causes grief to your close ones too. And it is not happy anymore.

Health is Happiness of the body and Happiness is Health of the mind. You don’t need to choose but you do need to watch them both. It is a fragile connection which determines your whole balance.

From now on focus on keeping this sacred balance.

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I'm Vilina Christoph and I share my journey of healing and transformation. My awakening was triggered by the death of my mother and sister of cancer. When the feelings became too much to handle, I started documenting my experiences of dealing with depression and anxiety, coping with the loss and grief, and the general lack of motivation and joy in life.  Since the beginning of this journey of transformation I've learned compassion, acceptance and love for myself and others. My mission is to encourage others to look into their pain and take on the path of self-love. By accepting who you are with all your imperfections, by loving yourself fully with all your wounds, you find the strength to be your most authentic self and you unlock your unique gifts in the world.

4 thoughts on “Health and Happiness

  1. I wrote this post on 30 of June 2012, you see it’s been a while since my last writing. Anyway I thought it’s worth publishing it and this might get me going again.
    Happy to be back!


  2. Thanks for posting this again. I couldn’t agree with you more. I always like to say healthy people are happy people. I look forward to digging into your blog 🙂 and hope to see more.


    1. Thanks Jess, that’s great! Just finished the next one, so happy to be writing again! I hope creativity and inspiration will keep flowing! xxx


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