Thoughts and Feelings After the Attacks in France


Image Milada Vigerova

Again I feel somewhat distraught. Again I feel put off by social media. But I don’t want to focus on it that much this time, maybe a little bit.

I want to share with you how I feel about the terrorist attack in France on Friday, 13th November. A few days after the assaults in Paris, it feels nearly tangible. The air is trembling and vibrating with distress and trouble. It is like the death of a close person (which is the case for the relatives of all the victims). At first you are at a stage of shock and your mind is racing wildly and frantically. Then the feeling settles in and it gets more real and physical. (It just occurred to me that I feel this way because a lot of people are mourning their loss and this is perhaps a very strong vibration at the moment.)

A week after the attack the energy is vibrating densely and slowly. Deeply and intensely. It causes discomfort and frustration to the being. I feel my energy scattered, unfocused.

Apart from the assaults on innocent people, I am also very distraught from what the response in social media was. The majority of my Facebook friends changed their profile pictures and overlaid them with the French flag. Although I am sure this is provoked by good intentions, I am appalled by the way social media is being “exploited” (not by the users).

Many arguments have been raised such as: why didn’t we change our profile pictures when Kenya was bombed earlier in April, or the Russian airplane over Sinai in late October, or Lebanon just the day before the attack in Paris? Or any other country which has suffered the effects of the “war on terror”? And the list is really long, and we don’t even hear about some of these events from the media.

Others are pleading that we (Europe) are the ones letting all the “killers” in our countries by sustaining the policy of “open doors” of Europe. And third are asking the question: how many of us are actually ready to open our doors to strangers and really help someone in trouble?

Who cares if we temporary change our profile pictures to being blue, red and white? And why are we so picky in our solidarity and love towards others?

Well, because we have been manipulated by the social media tools. We could’ve changed our profile pictures in the previous occasions if we had been “offered” that possibility. But Facebook or Twitter (these are the channels I’m using) didn’t give us such an option. Nobody uttered a thing (perhaps spent a second) about any of these attacks I mention above. And there have been hundreds of them throughout the year.

I am appalled by the policy of the mass media channels – including social media – and how they orchestrate the lives of people who genuinely do want to help.

But have we ever felt less helpless and powerless? More disconnected and apart from each other? Feeling that the only way to show compassion is to tweet something? And still blindly led by the propaganda which the mass media is pushing forward.

Isn’t it all a big distraction? Don’t we know who stands behind this conflict? And the terrorists, these “people of terror”, are only a small fraction of a much bigger agenda.

I spent some time researching who those “terrorists” really are, what do they really want and strive for. I don’t want to believe everything that they themselves say and what others say about them. It is hard to understand what’s going on in their heads. But for me, there’s something that doesn’t quite add up. I do not believe that a human being, a soul, can be so evil to want to wipe out anyone who doesn’t accept their god and religion (or a version of one).

But what do they want? – They want power. They want recognition. They want to be seen and heard. They want to have a place under the sun. And I think this is where we get closer to why a person would do appalling things to other people. Just to make an impact, an imprint. Even such a negative and extreme one. But let’s go deeper.

For decades (since the World War I) these people have been the target of endless repression. Their lands have been carved, given away to others, their tribes dislocated and their lives disrupted. What was once functional, wasn’t anymore – it was fractured. This happened in many other places. My home country Bulgaria was also ruthlessly torn apart after the two World Wars and territories were given to our geographical neighbours. And we still cannot gain our power and influence back to the level which Bulgaria once sustained.

So here they are – these people, their parents and grandparents, great grandparents and so on, that did not know what belonging means. What being together and working together in a mutual cause means. No hope, no future, no purpose, nothing to hold on to. Falling prey to external forces and being exploited to serve others’ interests.

And here comes a “leader” who promises a reward. A purpose, a life, a mission, even a place in heaven. For those poor souls who give up their humanness and pledge their souls to killing everything in their way that stands against achieving that purpose.

It’s still hard to believe.

But what I am thinking is that this comes from a place of deep darkness. A place of pain and suffering. Sadness. It comes from a place of deep ancestral trauma that has been burning these people from the inside for a long time. Now this is coming to the surface and they are unstoppable. To a certain extent.

I believe the only thing that could make a difference now is how we view these events. Are we, in our own turn, going to blame and hate these people? Are we going to play the victims and look for revenge? Is this what the humanity wants? More hatred? Another war?

I don’t think so. Nobody wants that. Except for the perpetrators and the initiators. And they are probably less than a few percent of the population of the planet. This tiny mass of people, this so-called elite,  that wants to keep the rest of us in darkness, so they can play their “game of thrones”. And they wreck parts of the world in order to spread terror and fear among people. And they keep us separated because they know what will happen if we realise the strength of our oneness.

I think we need to forget our personal interests, and unless we are directly affected, we need to focus our energy towards those troubled people. And beam them with love and light. We want the world to heal, we want peace. We should send our prayers in the direction of the conflict and think love and peace. And we should all do this. Imagine 3, 4, or even more, millions of people meditating, visualising, praying, or whatever works for you, focusing their attention and energy towards these angry hurt souls (how many are they – 200 000?) and sending them just pure love and forgiveness. What do you think will happen?

I realise this may sound wishy-washy for some of you. What I am trying to illustrate is the power of the collective consciousness and that we are many, and we are totally in charge of how are we going to react, what our thoughts and our actions might be. If we choose to focus our energy in the virtual space, our energy is being scattered and diffused. Instead,

P.S. These are strictly my thoughts and opinions, and I appreciate and welcome any other viewpoints and ideas. What you think and feel after those events?

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I'm Vilina Christoph and I share my journey of healing and transformation. My awakening was triggered by the death of my mother and sister of cancer. When the feelings became too much to handle, I started documenting my experiences of dealing with depression and anxiety, coping with the loss and grief, and the general lack of motivation and joy in life.  Since the beginning of this journey of transformation I've learned compassion, acceptance and love for myself and others. My mission is to encourage others to look into their pain and take on the path of self-love. By accepting who you are with all your imperfections, by loving yourself fully with all your wounds, you find the strength to be your most authentic self and you unlock your unique gifts in the world.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts and Feelings After the Attacks in France

  1. I think more attention was given to the Paris attack because of the nature of the crime(terrorists, murder) and that it happened to citizens from the first world. People put a flag on their profile photo because it’s easy not because they care all that much.


    1. Hi, yes, we are only more affected by the events because they get closer to us in Europe. Which in itself is very picky and conditional – we only show solidarity when our brothers and sisters in our “first world” are affected. On the other hand, we haven’t been presented with a choice to “support” others suffering from the terrorism since this information is usually ignored and not given any coverage in the media.


  2. This has resonated with me a lot – your article I mean . I felt very media manipulated after the event . It is as if they are just switching their random buttons : the one to make us frightened , the one the rouses us to acts of vengeance . There is no sense in how they are reporting anymore . I understand there are visible holes and discrepancies in how it was all reported . I also don’t understand how French intelligence would not have been able to prevent this act . I certainly didn’t put up a French flag on my profile and I asked publicly about a Lebanese flag . But who cares about the other victims of Isis ? I’d rather call them IS as I revere the goddess Isis . And yes we need to look at the deeper colonial influences and geopolitics that have caused such unrest in the Middle East . And finally yes to praying for them , the terrorists . It no longer works to demonise and polarise . That’s exactly what the powers that be want from us and this allows the arms industries to continue . Thank you 💚

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I don’t even have a TV in my home (for about 10 years now). I refuse to watch or listen to any of that manipulation but was so surprised to see FB being used for similar purposes. The whole story is full of holes and I’m convinced it as all a big distraction anyways. I am glad that a big part of the people realise all this and would rather focus their attention and focus on loving and feeling for each other. They are not going to get us into another war, I pray and hope. Vilina, x


  3. Facebook is unfortunately, sometimes, a gang mentality People are so quick to grab their torches and go slay the monster without once verifying that there is actually a monster to slay and not just a poor scape goat. Add my energy to the love you’re sending and keep writing. Each time I read one of your post I feel like you’re right there on the verge of discovery; on the verge of getting ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is) and when you do, I want to get it too ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah, thanks for your words. You’re right – I’m on the verge, more often than I’d like to 🙂 Of what I don’t know – it seems there’re too many discoveries, or just one maybe. But surely support and kind words will help us all in getting closer to getting “it” (if we haven’t already ;)). Thanks again and keep well, x

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