Web bonanza + what I’ve been up to: my hyper-active mind + books, tv, and useful links


Hey guys!

I’d like to put together a post that summarises everything I’ve been up to during the last few weeks.

I haven’t been able to post much, I feel like my mind has been stretched by hundreds of tiny and not so tiny pieces of information. So I’ll try to put it all up here as a trace for myself and also there’s quite a few things that may present an interest to you too.

I often get tense and mentally overwhelmed when I haven’t “emptied my mind’s cup” and that’s how I felt for a while now. Sometimes I get quite amazed how active my mind could be and I realise how much information I’ve actually consumed and processed.

I’m making progress with Inner Child Work therapy. We’ve been doing this work for two months now and I still have three more sessions. I’ve been through a lot – digging, exploring, writing, processing stuff. I’ve written a few pieces in my native Bulgarian, addressing some things from my childhood. Last week after doing some work on the mother, I felt so physically and emotionally drained, that I had to take naps during some days.

As part of the process I had to do some homework – I had to bash a pillow with all my strength with the purpose to access and release the pain that has been suppressed and stored. Honestly, I couldn’t get quite angry and get in touch with pain. What I felt was that I’m tired of being angry and feeling the pain. It was like that was my normal, not something that I’m hiding. Yes, I’m hiding it as well but for myself I know how I feel. And I want to transmute the pain, I want to let it go, leave it behind me, not carry it with me any more.

After the bashing, I danced a little. I realised it’s still very hard to accept myself but I knew I wanted to let go of the painful past and not carry any burdens that are not mine any more. I’ve carried my parents’ sorrows all my life so far without knowing it. Now I’m done with that, no more.

That said I’m researching other ways of continuing my transformation journey. I’ve barely scratched the surface of my healing and need to keep it up. I’m looking into doing regression with a professional and found somebody that I was attracted to. In a few weeks I will meet with them and get some insight into my past lives.

I’ve also discovered another person, an energy healer that I would like to meet. I haven’t contacted them yet but saw they live just a few blocks away from my place.

I pretty much figured that while I’m in Bulgaria I can really afford to do lots of different healing modalities. I will use this opportunity and eventually I will need to move on and do others stuff with my life. But for now I’m excited about exploring and finding ways to do inner work. Plus, it’s really affordable here and the people are quite gifted.

There’s really that much time in the day. Still I’ve also started reading a book on the Templars and the secret societies of Freemasons. Interestingly, the book starts with a description of the Cathar monks. I suspect one of my past lives has something to do with them – they’ve been pretty strong during the 12-13 centuries in the region between Spain and France. And this is when and where I saw myself in one group meditation. I also know that my partner has also been a Templar in a past life… The mystery gets bigger.

I also watched Sense8 – a TV series on Netflix – something I indulge in every few months. It’s directed by the Brothers/Sisters Wachowski and I suggest looking into it. They bring forward many interesting subjects – difference, diversity, equality. I think they are brilliant and ideas and concepts that they’re putting up are innovating and really progressive.

My favourite part was when the Sense8s decide to come out of hiding and living like fugitives, they realise that they are stronger when they are together and by showing themselves up they put an invitation to others of their kind to come out too. Staying small and hiding is never going to bring anything of value to you or the world, so being yourself and showing up for yourself and others like you is what is meaningful and world-changing.

In between all this I’ve been planning our summer and we’re pretty much decided on when and where. I’m excited to meet up with my best girlfriends and explore some of Bulgaria’s many beautiful locations.

I’ve also been trying to spent more time sitting on our sunny balcony.

Time for some web bonanza! Here are a few things that may be of interest to you:

♦ The book I’m reading:

The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail (The criticism that the book has received can only suggest it’s importance and truthfulness)

Sense8 TV series

♦ This is something I’ve shared before but these are three video lessons full of great information on the medicine wheel and much more

Blueprint of the medicine wheel

♦ This is a site where you can access loads of information on astrology, get your free birth chart and reading on your main aspects, and diversity of horoscopes:


♦ Here’s a blog post from a fellow blogger who has much to share:

The 7 golden rules of blogging

♦ A free webinar course (May 24th)by a lovely person I’ve been following for a while:

Live Lead Launch Free Class

♦ Lastly, I want to share a breathwork exercise I did and really enjoyed:

Ananda Mandala Breathwork for Bliss

♦ And not to miss the weekly tarotscope from Lindsay Mack

Weekly tarotscope May 19 – 25

I’ve also set up an Instagram account where I share insights and favourite quotes plus snippets from posts and other inspirational transformation stuff. I appreciate your support and giving me a follow.

Thanks for being here and until next time, have a beautiful week! – VC

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I am Vilina and this is where I share my soul's transformation journey. My active awakening process started when my sister died but it has been silently going on since the time I lost my mother about six years ago. In September 2015 I started documenting my experiences of dealing with depression, grief, sadness, anxiety, to name a few. My motivation for life was touching the bottom but writing helped me into understanding where these feeling came from and why I felt so badly about myself and my life. One by one I kept untangling my story until I received some insights about my past life experiences and felt a huge release. Since then I dedicate myself to aligning my present life with the vision of my Higher Self, tuning into my intuition, learning to listen to my inner wisdom, and learning to better care about myself and gift myself the possibility of living the life I dream of. I am thrilled that you found my piece of sacred online space and I hope you enjoy and find helpful what you read here. I will be more than happy to hear what you have to share. With love, Vilina

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    1. Haha 🙂 I don’t know how I manage but I guess I do have an active mind – my moon is in Gemini! Regression has been on my mind for a long time and I believe I’ll have the chance to do it properly soon. Thanks and let me know if you get one done too ❤

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