You and your feelings are valid

Have you been told to stop being so emotional, so sensitive, so dramatic, to stop making such a big deal or fuss out of nothing?

Have you felt like your feelings, the way you perceive the world, are being discredited all the time?

Have you ended up doubting yourself and how you feel about things in general?

It’s time we stop that nonsense and start raising the awareness.

Being sensitive, emotional, an introvert, an empath, isn’t being a “less than”.

It is who you are.

It is who you are meant to be, it is enough, it is unique, it is beautiful and it is powerful.

Your emotions are valid. The way you feel is valid.

You were created the way you are and you are needed the way you are.

The world needs your unique strengths and vulnerability.

You are a necessary ingredient so our world can thrive.

There’s no fault or flaw in who and/or how you are.

Do not let anyone make you doubt that truth. Do not let anyone make you question your truth.

You being true to yourself is what we need.

Be yourself. Love yourself. Honour your truth. Shine your essence.

Be you!

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I'm Vilina Christoph and I share my journey of healing and transformation. My awakening was triggered by the death of my mother and sister of cancer. When the feelings became too much to handle, I started documenting my experiences of dealing with depression and anxiety, coping with the loss and grief, and the general lack of motivation and joy in life.  Since the beginning of this journey of transformation I've learned compassion, acceptance and love for myself and others. My mission is to encourage others to look into their pain and take on the path of self-love. By accepting who you are with all your imperfections, by loving yourself fully with all your wounds, you find the strength to be your most authentic self and you unlock your unique gifts in the world.

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