Follow your feelings

You have been given the power to feel for a reason. It is not a curse, nor a weakness.

Your feelings are your built-in guidance system. Trust them. Never question or doubt them.

Learn to listen to their subtle moves. Catch them when they are gentle ripples rather than when they’ve escalated into stormy waves.

Follow the good feelings. When do you really feel good? Do more of that!

And the bad ones – acknowledge them. What are they telling you? Do not ignore them, they are telling you something.

Your feelings are your connection to your source, they are the way you are spoken to by your god.

Never underestimate the message that your feelings are conveying to you.

Find more ways to tune into your emotions, to identify them, to understand their language.

It is a sacred language that we’ve forgotten. But it is still alive in us.

Wake up to your divine essence.


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I'm Vilina Christoph and I write about my journey of healing and empowerment. A family tragedy triggered my suffering from depression and anxiety+panic attacks. I was consumed by loss and grief, my sense of self was shattered. For the last three years I've been slowly piecing a new "me". I've been tracing my steps backwards, unlearning toxic behaviours and releasing outdated beliefs. It's been a journey of stripping down layers and coming back to my core, my heart, my soul. This is my life story of awakening, remembering my truth and becoming whole again. May it inspires you on your path!

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