My blogging tips: #2 Experiment

In blogging, second in importance, after connecting, is to experiment with your blog and website.

My advice is this:


For example:

  • Change your theme
  • Change your header image
  • Change your site title and tagline
  • Play around with your widget areas and add/remove feautres

I am pretty sure you have tried some of these suggestions already. And if you haven’t I recommend that you do. (I will also share more about the widgets in particular in a next post and describe what they are and which features are the most important and necessary and which aren’t.)

The main point is to experiment with your brand, identity, image, message and voice.

And I’ll explain why:

Your journey with blogging will most likely evolve and transform.

The more you learn about yourself and others, the more you’ll feel the need to modify your blog accordingly. Your blog will grow alongside with you and it is not only OK but also necessary to experiment with it. You aren’t going to stay the same through the months and years so don’t expect that from your online presence too.

Many of us think that we should have it all figured out at the beginning.

Some people won’t even start until they have all the missing pieces together. The truth is that there’s no such place –  this is an illusory state which usually prevents us from doing something about our dreams and desires. So screw it! What is certain, on the other hand, is that:

You will change, you will progress, you will metamorphose.

And that shouldn’t scare you on the slightest. From this point of view, there is no way that you will know what will happen with your blog. The wisest thing to do is to not expect that from yourself or your blog.

Be loose and willing to play around with your website.

Don’t worry too much about what your readers will think because if they resonate with you and your writing, they will stick with you through the changes. Even better, you will know your true friends and fans here in WordPress community.

PERSONALLY, I have changed multiple themes, images, fonts, etc. plus I have changed my blog’s name once and my site title three times until I settled on the artistic name of Vilina Christoph (yes, Christoph isn’t my birthname!). I felt apprehension about the changes but I knew I needed a fresh start every time I was transitioning through the stages of my own personal transformation. Right now, I am on the threshold of one such stage again and I am not afraid to let go of what no longer resonates with me.

LAST WORDS, if you take yourself and your writing seriously, give yourself the freedom to evolve and transform and don’t take it too seriously. Don’t be too rigid or scared that you might lose followers. Accept that it is only normal to feel the need to update your online presence, be it visually or else.

REMEMBER, the only certain thing is uncertainty and not knowing what is going to happen.

Be willing to experiment and play!

With love, Vilina

Let me know if that helped or even better – what other questions you might have! Remember to like and share if you enjoyed the post. Infinite thanks!

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I'm Vilina Christoph and I write about my journey of healing and empowerment. A family tragedy triggered my suffering from depression and anxiety+panic attacks. I was consumed by loss and grief, my sense of self was shattered. For the last three years I've been slowly piecing a new "me". I've been tracing my steps backwards, unlearning toxic behaviours and releasing outdated beliefs. It's been a journey of stripping down layers and coming back to my core, my heart, my soul. This is my life story of awakening, remembering my truth and becoming whole again. May it inspires you on your path!

6 thoughts on “My blogging tips: #2 Experiment

  1. Really great post, I really like this point and it’s not really talked about too much in the blogging space but testing out different things and seeing what works best is really big in lots of different digital marketing. It’s a great way to approach things, and I do like to chop and change to see what works best so thanks for sharing. If you have any tools for getting feedback on what changes work the best etc I’d love to hear about them

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    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment. My idea was really to break out from the traditional “10 tips to..” type of post, where you read mostly the same advice, so thanks for appreciating this approach! For feedback you can always keep an eye on your statistics and see how post are performing. I think experimenting with your blog has more to do with finding your own voice and identity and thus attracting the people that would appreciate you and your blog – you’re finding yourself and your niche too. Hope that helps, Vilina

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      1. Thanks for getting back to me, I do like that you mixed it up even though I actually recently did a ‘10’ list post myself. Thanks for the advice, I definitely think experimenting and trying new approaches to try and constantly improve is a great approach

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