Memoir: One

I went to Ireland because I was following a dream, an instinct, but most of all, I think I was following my soul’s whispers.
Ireland thought me some of my greatest lessons. It set up the stage for a personal transformation to happen.
My soul led me to this mysterious island so it could connect with me, so it could wake me up for my truth and my calling.
Ireland also gave me the greatest gift – the gift of two soul mates, my partner and my son. They are both my greatest challengers and my deepest igniters.
They hold the mirrors and the space for my awakening to take place. And for my soul to do its work on earth through the vessel of my human body.
So you see, I went to Ireland for many reasons, none of them known to me at the time, none of them to be taken lightly.

I was following my soul’s path.

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I'm Vilina Christoph and I write about my journey of healing and empowerment. A family tragedy triggered my suffering from depression and anxiety+panic attacks. I was consumed by loss and grief, my sense of self was shattered. For the last three years I've been slowly piecing a new "me". I've been tracing my steps backwards, unlearning toxic behaviours and releasing outdated beliefs. It's been a journey of stripping down layers and coming back to my core, my heart, my soul. This is my life story of awakening, remembering my truth and becoming whole again. May it inspires you on your path!

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