Hey there beautiful friend!


V29Vilina Christoph was conceived in a time when I was struggling with crippling conditions like depression, anxiety and panic attacks; I had just lost my sister to cancer and I was still grieving the death of my mother a few years earlier.

I was losing control fast and felt like I was kidnapped from my own life. I didn’t know where I was or which way I needed to go. I was lost in a deep thick fog.

But there was one thing I knew. I knew that on a soul level this was all for a reason. It was my wake up call.  I knew I had to rewrite my story and reinvent my life.

So I started untangling the narrative of my life – I looked into my early childhood experiences and how my upbringing has moulded me into the person I was. I looked into past life experiences and what unresolved traumas I may have brought. I delved into astrology and psychology to understand my personality better.

Since the beginning of this journey I’ve tried counselling, touch therapy, past life regression, astrology and psychic readings, and inner child therapy. I’ve been meditating on regular basis and have learned to connect with my higher self (intuition) and read messages from my guides and angels.

A great help to better understand myself is also my community of bloggers with their unique stories of post traumatic stress disorder, highly sensitive people, people experiencing various mental imbalances and others with atypical neurodevelopment.

Only recently I realised my complexity, identifying the pieces of the puzzle of my own unique expression in this world. And that gave me freedom. It gave me permission and allowed me to accept myself for who I am. And to own it fully so I can integrate all these parts within myself and love myself unconditionally.

I’d like to encourage you to look at your pain and transform it.

I’d like to inspire you to take on a journey of self-love.

I’d like to empower you to be your fullest honest self and own that.

By sharing the heart and soul of my journey I hope you too will realise the strength that lies in your vulnerability, you will find the unique gifts locked within your wounds and will become your most authentic self.

I ensure you the light is awaiting you. Are you courageous enough to transform the darkness that stands in your way?

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