It is said,

When you ask, the Universe responds.

(And the more specific you are, the quicker you get what you wish for.)

So hereby, I ask for your generous support. If you found your way to my corner of online space and you enjoyed what you discovered, if you feel you’re overflowing with generosity, or you simply feel the urge to help a fellow creative, writer and spiritual entrepreneur, please consider doing so.

The universe and our world is an abundant place, even if it doesn’t seem so at first. Abundance is always here for us but first we need to allow it (and call for it).

This is what I’m doing – I’m asking for your support so this blog can grow and evolve with me, so it can support not only me but also you on your journey of inner work, so it can support all of us in becoming who we truly are and rebuild our world the way we want it to be.

If this strikes a cord deep within you and if you believe you have enough to give to others, please support Vilina Christoph so we could all give in our unique way.

Abundance and prosperity are a mindset and that you have control over!

Infinite thanks for being here!

Love, Vilina x

Feeling The Abundance

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“A grateful heart is a happy soul.”

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