On support and being in the flow

Lately, I’ve been thinking about support A LOT. I’ve been thinking about having a support system and how to build one. How to go about it?

I’m realising this is something missing from my life. I do have support in general but I don’t have any support on real actual level – I still feel pretty on my own most of the time.

I’ve been enjoying connecting with fellow bloggers and I have to say that I do feel part of a small community here on WordPress. Recently, I’ve made it part of my routine to read other’s blog posts every Sunday night (and Monday morning possibly) when I get my weekly digest. I also try to comment as much as I can with meaningful replies.

But in my physical life I still struggle to connect with like-minded people. And meeting such in general. My stomping grounds are usually parks and playgrounds which we visit with my son almost everyday after kindergarden. But I just notice myself how I shut down when I go there.

I’m not looking for connection and very often even avoid eye contact with other mums. OK, there may be some factors predetermining this behaviour. But yesterday I noticed my automatic body and mind response and felt even physical discomfort. The moment somebody came closer to me, I shut myself down, eyes in other direction and stopped talking. It felt like contraction and I felt my son noticed that too.

I was thinking to myself that I don’t want that, it felt awful, and I was wondering why it is so strong and so prevalent. Anyway, I decided that it’s good that I’m aware of this reaction and also knowing that it isn’t my true self. I need to question it and on some level I know it’s based on a false belief so I need to look into that.

But most of the days, you feel too tired for that, don’t you?

I’m too tired to talk, I’m too tired to engage, I’m too tired to make any friends.

It’s an internal struggle by all means.

This morning I decided to meditate on “having support” and what can I possibly do. And, as it often happens, I got the messages to not force it and push it, to acknowledge where I am right now, remembering I’m doing so much already, to give myself some credit and compassion, to treasure my achievements and enjoy where I am right now.

This made me asking, Isn’t it always like that? Aren’t we always on the hamster wheel, chasing the next thing around? 

Why do we fall in the trap of wanting and thus forcing and making things happen?

I notice myself how my attention goes on to something and then I can drive myself mad trying to achieve it by doing things.

We get too stuck on the HOW to make it happen, forgetting this isn’t our job at all. And then we punish ourselves and suffer from not being able to achieve results immediately.

So, a quick reminder to all – it’s all happening and we are exactly where we need to be. To help our desires manifest, we need to get into the flow – we meditate asking for any guidance we may be ready to receive, we sit and visualise the ideal situation we’d like to happen, we forgive ourselves for our limitations and pray for strength and courage to grow.

We need to get out of our heads and our obsessive ideas and to surrender to what is right now, being open and willing to receive. Action really is the last step and that usually comes as a consequence of all the internal work we’ve already done. Then, when it’s manifested, we don’t feel like we’ve achieved something but rather that we’ve co-created our reality.

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I'm Vilina Christoph and I write about my journey of healing and empowerment. A family tragedy triggered my suffering from depression and anxiety+panic attacks. I was consumed by loss and grief, my sense of self was shattered. For the last three years I've been slowly piecing a new "me". I've been tracing my steps backwards, unlearning toxic behaviours and releasing outdated beliefs. It's been a journey of stripping down layers and coming back to my core, my heart, my soul. This is my life story of awakening, remembering my truth and becoming whole again. May it inspires you on your path!

9 thoughts on “On support and being in the flow

  1. Another beautiful and thought provoking blog.

    Could this be more a reflection of our inner turmoil? And less to do with how tired we are?
    I used to feel that way… and for me, it was because I was ashamed of myself. I was not loving myself. I was lazy and unmotivated. And I would walk through life, not wanting to be seen. But at the same time, sad that I wasn’t special enough to be noticed. it was a terrible feeling. I am now trying to seek out those that will help me. Not be that way.

    I look to people with a smile, and brush off those who don’t smile back. I am trying to be the person I am seeking 🙂

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    1. You’re absolutely right – it is a reflection of our inner struggles. I don’t like to admit it but I still struggle with loving and accepting myself. I am better at seeking help though. Thanks for your wonderful comment, I’m glad you’re doing well 🙂


  2. It’s good that you’re aware of your reaction! They say the first step to change is awareness. If it’s of any comfort, I understand the part about being too tired to do stuff because that’s what I was feeling when I was depressed too. Do go at your own pace, and I’m here to support. ❤

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  3. Thank you Nicolle, appreciate the support 🙂 I often think this tiredness is a sign of a deeper thing like depression. And I try to be gentle to myself but I have to be honest and say that I also want all this to be part of the past. But I guess I need to take it baby step by a baby step at a time. ❤


  4. Tiredness and depression are sisters. I too suffer from depression, PTSD, and other conditions due to a traumatic life. A key for me is to recognize my triggers and go from there. WordPress is a wonderful community where we can network a support system. I am glad I found your blog. Consider me a friend and a supporter. Bless you, dear one. ❤

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    1. Thank you for your kindness, Nancy. WordPress community has been giving me a lot of comfort recently, I’m so grateful there are people I can call friends here! I will have to think about my triggers – I’ve identified some of them. What do you mean by “go from there”, what do you do when you identify them? Thank you again for stopping by and commenting. Blessings, Vilina ❤


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